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How to install American style sockets

After purchasing the socket, apart from being a socket, most sockets need to be installed first before they can be used, and American sockets are no exception. Next, let's learn how to install American sockets together.

Firstly, handle the power cord and place it in the bottom box of the socket, and flow out a section of the wire inside the box for future maintenance;

Secondly, cut the wire out of the wire core, and during the cutting process, remember not to damage the wire core;

Thirdly, wrap the wires around the corresponding terminals in a clockwise direction, and tighten the crimping heads to prevent the wire cores from being exposed to the outside;

Fourthly, connect the power cord properly. The live wire in an American socket should be connected to the switch hole marked with the letter A, then come out of the other hole on the switch, and finally connect to the hole marked with the letter L; The zero wire is connected to the hole marked with N, and the ground wire is connected to the hole marked with the letter E.

Fifth, check if the socket can be powered on. Use a test pen or other tool to check the power supply of the socket.

Sixth, if there are no problems after inspection, simply fix the socket housing.